Jelly in Sydney

1 November 2007


A Blue Perspective: Jelly in Sydney

Last Friday we held the first Jelly in Sydney, and it was a great success!

"But what's Jelly!?" I hear you cry. Jelly is a (semi-)regular co-working event that anyone can run, so we decided to try one in Sydney. The first one was held in New York, and now there's a whole bunch of them being organised around the world. They're an ideal way for self-employed people who live like hermits to get out in the piercing light of day and meet other abnormal workers, but really anyone is welcome. We even had a couple of full-timers turn up at our Jelly.

After thinking solitary thoughts in your basement for a few weeks, one day a fortnight it's nice to be able to sit on a chair/couch/beanbag and throw ideas around with other creative people, head out for a nice lunch, or even do some real work with a bit of background buzz going on. You can get a glimpse of what it's like by looking at some photos from our last Jelly.

The next JellyInSydney is scheduled for Friday November 9. They're held at the Nerf Palace so if you'd like to come along take a look at the website and then let us know that you're coming!

(Stay tuned to for a site refresh and thence regular co-working events in Sydney.)



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  1. 1/7

    Lindsay Evans commented on 1 November 2007 @ 09:43

    I'd so be there, if Friday wasn't pub lunch day at Boomworks :)

  2. 2/7

    Tim commented on 1 November 2007 @ 20:43

    "self-employed people who live like hermits" -- can really empathise with this. It certainly seems like it sometimes! Jelly looks like a great idea...

  3. 3/7

    Lea de Groot commented on 2 November 2007 @ 07:31

    You mean... leave the house? Is that allowed? ;)


    Oh, man, another event I don't have the time or energy to organise for Brisbane... Teaser ;)

  4. 4/7

    Michael Koukoullis commented on 2 November 2007 @ 14:02

    We need more nerf guns at the the next meet.

  5. 5/7

    Sheely Rubin commented on 4 November 2007 @ 04:26

    Hmm...if I could only leave the home and get my passport renewed in time from the US and I'd be there..mmm..if I really felt like leaving the house that is....

  6. 6/7

    Tomek commented on 4 November 2007 @ 09:22

    "regular co-working event that anyone can run" - sound very interesting:) btw. Thanks for links to Jelly websites I will check it if there are some in Europe. Cheers

  7. 7/7

    Dave commented on 4 November 2007 @ 13:18

    You forgot about the self-employed who take care of kids group. We're just looking for some conversation that does not involve the Wiggles.

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