JavaScript Anthology on the airwaves!

28 May 2006


A Blue Perspective: JavaScript Anthology on the airwaves!

In a scenario that gave me nightmarish flashbacks to my brief stint on student radio, I was up at 3AM this morning on Skype to Lyle Troxell, host of Geek Speak – a radio show that broadcasts tech news and general geekery every Saturday morning to the central coast of California.

The purpose? Pimping my book of course!

It was a little strange to be talking into my crappy VoIP microphone here in Melbourne and knowing that untold billions would be listening to it in sunny California, but hopefully I didn't make too much of an ass of myself ... I haven't dared listen to the podcast yet.

We chatted generally about JavaScript best practices, the whizz-bang stuff it could do, and how you can get your hands dirty with some of it. I know I'm guilty of using far too many buzz words, but it just felt easier to go with the flow. Hopefully we also managed to help that gentleman out with his Outlook Express login problems as well ... :P

If you're interested, here's an oh-so-brief rundown of the show, and you can hear the hour-long MP3 via the handy Geek Speak MP3 archive (9.8MB MP3).


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  1. 1/3

    Jesse Skinner commented on 29 May 2006 @ 17:01

    Nice talk. It sounded kind of frustrating with everyone wanting to talk all over each other, often to say something totally off the point or just plain wrong (Ajax only supports GET?). And naturally there was nothing very interesting to those who already know JavaScript inside-out. But otherwise, good job. :)

  2. 2/3

    The Man in Blue commented on 29 May 2006 @ 17:05

    Yeah, it's even harder to get a word in edge-wise when there's an International delay involved, but ... just managed to hang on.

  3. 3/3

    Vadim Nareyko commented on 5 June 2006 @ 22:45

    Just found this book and downloaded free sample. Looks very interesting. Unfortunately, I started to work with JavaScript 9 years ago when all books were very simple. This book can really help with understanding JS technics.

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