The obligatory Web Essentials 05 post

3 October 2005


A Blue Perspective: The obligatory Web Essentials 05 post

In my (1 year) tradition of letting other people say sensible things about the Web Essentials geekfest, here are my moments from Australia's greatest conglomeration of kick-ass Web developers for 2005:

  • Getting to hold a conversation with the the navel of the behemoth that is The Veen. (Truly one of the Web world's greatest presenters.)
  • Getting deferred to by presenters anytime they mentioned JavaScript, out of fear that I actually might know something. (They needn't have worried.)
  • Meeting the man, and instantly envisaging my new career – manufacturing lego man models of T. Celik. (Taking orders for delivery in November 2005.)
  • Aptly demonstrating the disadvantages of requiring JavaScript by trying to run a JavaScript presentation sans-JavaScript.
  • Gaining some taxi-en-route-to-king's-cross enlightenment from John Allsopp as to why Isaac Asimov moved to Sri Lanka. (Its ability to support geo-synchronous satellites ... "and the poontang".)
  • Getting a hug from Molly.

Don't worry, although Russ Weakley deleted my podcast because I dissed him at the start of my presentation, the notes and examples will be up somewhere shortly.


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