Links: May 2006

  • Webpage structure visualisation 29 May 2006, 01:22

    Sala has used the processing programming language to create a visual display of the HTML on a webpage. A great way to quickly check out the tag structure of a page (tables or not).

  • Elephants Dream 26 May 2006, 11:005

    A short CG movie made using open source software. Visually very nice (albeit with awkward character motion), however the one thing it does show is that no amount of technical wizadry can overcome a crap script.

  • Sam Bassett 26 May 2006, 10:48

    Sam's photography is wonderfully surreal. Strange circumstances/normal people. Strange people/normal circumstances.

  • Richard Sweeney's paper sculptures 22 May 2006, 10:009

    Mr. Sweeney creates some amazingly complex forms just by scoring and folding paper.

  • Seagal Slashdot 15 May 2006, 00:003

    This Slashdot re-design isn't as notable for its design as much as its Steven Seagal-related content. The next Chuck Norris?

  • Colbert roasts Bush 01 May 2006, 21:21

    Stephen Colbert does the most biting to-your-face roast of a political figure I've ever seen. Side splitting.

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