Links: April 2005

  • Borg casemod 28 April 2005, 18:36

    If you're going to do a casemod, you've got to go all out.

  • Apartments from above 27 April 2005, 14:13

    A really interesting art exhibition featuring photographs of apartments in a cross-section-from-above style.

  • Architects are celebrities 21 April 2005, 14:24

    Once you're on the Simpsons, you've officially become part of the zeitgeist. (Finally, I dropped the word "zeitgeist"!)

  • Design without Reach 08 April 2005, 01:35

    Sure, it could possibly be the worst webpage code I've ever seen, but there's some good cheap ways of replicating high design products here.

  • Bottom line design 08 April 2005, 01:30

    Of course, design awards are all about subjectivity (and Apple), but they make some interesting choices at the Bottom Line Design Awards – awards for designs that actually bring in the moolah.

  • Sin City on Sin City 08 April 2005, 01:28

    Gerry Shamray delivers the perfect review for the new Sin City movie – done as a comic strip.

  • A history of deceased popes 07 April 2005, 21:55

    This article gives a history lesson on papal passings.

  • Opus 5 timepiece 07 April 2005, 21:53

    A rather interesting watch. Don't know how it would look on your wrist though.

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