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  • WE05: Presentation notes for "JavaScript and the DOM" 05 October 2005

    Although you won't be able to get the full effect of my crazy spinning bowtie and manic grin, you can download my presentation notes and example files for "JavaScript and the DOM" below. Voted " Most Smartarse Presentation of the ...

  • The obligatory Web Essentials 05 post 03 October 2005

    In my (1 year) tradition of letting other people say sensible things about the Web Essentials geekfest , here are my moments from Australia's greatest conglomeration of kick-ass Web developers for 2005: ...

  • Web Essentials 05 05 May 2005

    It's back! Web Essentials – the best alibi for a few days down at the pub with fellow Web standardistas. And this line-up is hot. Real hot. I mean, skip all the usual A-listers that just want an ...

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