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  • Anti-Santa 20 December 2007

    It's December 20, so you should be pretty sick of Christmas shopping by now. But don't let that acidic Chirstmas vitriol fester in your stomach until it explodes in a shower of turkey giblets on December 25. Let it ...

  • Lick the competition 05 March 2007

    After four months of super-secret development, the culmination of Andrew Krespanis's labour was revealed on Thursday, at Webjam 2 . Yes, it was Andrew Krespanis who was behind it, not me, so not me ... please ...

  • Directions and Connections 22 September 2006

    I am really excited. I don't think I've been this excited about a conference ever . Web Directions is only six sleeps away (assuming I get some sleep), and I just can't wait to jump on ...

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