Category: forms

  • FormTextResizer: Bookmarklet for resizing textareas and text fields 25 August 2006

    » FormTextResizer bookmarklet « OK, you're all sick of hearing about my holidays, and so am I. So, to re-stretch my brain I thought I'd write down a little ...

  • Styling Form Widgets 28 April 2004

    "With great power comes great responsibility." So said the Gods of the W3C when they handed man the gift of CSS 1. Much good was done with this boon from the heavens. Content and style – once entangled like the ...

  • Accessible, stylish form layout 24 March 2004

    » Form layout templates « Yes, HTML forms are the worst things known to web designers. Yes, HTML forms have to be accessible and usable. No, HTML forms do not have to be an ...

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