Product X Features: Pages

Pages are the primary way of storing and sharing information in Product X. Written with a simple "email like" notation, attractive documents are easily and quickly built.

Intuitive editing

ScreenshotMost importantly, pages are editable. Instantly. Online. There are no complex procedures, uploading or approvals required to provide your updates to content. Click "Edit" and write. It's that easy. You can preview your changes at any time. The editing interface provides a full notation guide, so you'll never be lost for words.

Simple notation

Product X pages are written using a simple notation. If you can write an email, you can edit a page. Product X's notation is easy to learn and allows for italic, bold, underline and all the other styles you'd expect.

  • Multiple levels of headings to organise your document,
  • Lists, bullet points, tables, quotations and other page structures,
  • Images, screenshots, emoticons and even photo galleries,
  • Powerful dynamic interaction via macros.